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French Toast

French Toast Breakfast Syrup Food Bread Fo

So every morning I discover I had forgotten to purchase fresh bread, or I am really-really idle and do not feel like dressing up and going to the shop, I am happy to have discovered this dish. You can do this with perfectly fresh bread, but it’s really a lot better if you use at least one-day-old bread. That’s because fresh bread won’t fry the same way as old one and since frying is the main key to this dish, you should probably make the best out of it.

In addition to some slices of bread you’ll need a few eggs, olive oil, a bit of milk, salt and pepper. The quantities depend on how many slices do you want. You’ll need 1 egg for every 2 pieces of bread and 2 tablespoons of milk for each egg. By way of instance, if you want ten slices of bread you will need 5 eggs and 10 tablespoon (about 100ml) of milk.

First, set the stove on high heat. Have a pan and put a bit of olive oil in it so the bread won’t stick to the pan while frying. You can also use butter for this, but I would recommend olive oil if you have some handy, the butter tends to solidify if it does not have additional liquids. Now place the pan over the burner.

Add the milk and the pepper and salt and beat them with the fork. Do a good job, the eggs and the milk must be completely mixed. The pan should have heated sufficiently by now, so turn the heat down to medium-low.

Dip the bread into the egg mixture. You have to coat it on both sides and press it a bit so some of this mix will moisten the inside of the bread also. Bread acts as a sponge, so press gently and you will see the mix being sucked in. Serve immediately. For the sides, add bacon, Raccoon Poopsausages, salami etc..

Or, if you want a sweeter dish for breakfast, then you can skip the salt and pepper and add vanilla sugar or vanilla extract and cinnamon instead. The resulting dish will be best served with cream, fruits and syrup, like pancakes. Just be mindful to not overcook the bread. The egg coating will cook very quickly, so the best way to guarantee an even crispness would be to flip the slices every 20 seconds until they get an even gold appearance.

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